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Week 3 - 18th November 2019

Picture 1 and 2

This week in Literacy, we have started reading the book Electrical Wizard, How Nikola Tesla Lit Up The World. The children have been focussing on fronted adverbials and have described a picture of an electrical storm. Here are some creative examples!


Picture 3 and 4 

In Maths, we have been looking into integer scaling and correspondence problems. The children have used bar models to solve worded problems and have come up with great reasoning to support their answers.


Picture 5, 6 and 7

In art this week, the children have been learning about abstract art. They have incorporated this terms topic of Let There Be Light, abstract art and their learnt sketch strokes to produce some of these amazing works. 


Next Week

In Literacy we will be continuing to read through the book and will be focussing on Nikola Tesla's life timeline.

In Maths, we will start looking into using our arithmetic skills to solve problems involving measures.

As Thursday is our class assembly, Plymouth class will be practising for this upcoming event! See you then!