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Week 3- 18th November 2019

This week the children in Oxford class have been using arrays to multiply in Maths. On Thursday, we created our own 'multiplication museum' for the times tables that we are working on. We used different maths equipment to show the arrays and these became our exhibits. This was a fun way to rehearse our times table facts  and we all enjoyed doing it. 



In Science we have continued our work on light. This week we were set a task to find the best material at reflecting light and used this information to design a safer book bag for children. We used a torch and five different materials and judged which reflected light the best. We found that foil was the best and used this in our designs. 
On Friday we had our first 'book buddies' session with York class. We were paired up and shared either our reading book or our library book. We enjoyed getting to know our buddies and had great fun sharing books together.