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Week 2 - 19th April 2021



This week in English we continued reading our book 'The Last Stop on Market Street'. We wrote some amazing free form poetry and also thought about what we would see if we saw a perfect world every time we looked around. We were really proud of all our work and have started to write as if we were CJ.


In Maths we have looked at doubling numbers and we really enjoyed it! We put the numbers in part whole models and broke them down to then double the two parts! We also loved playing doubles bingo.

Science and Geography:

We looked at seeds and plants through magniifying glasses and tried to work out which in the picture was the odd one out. We all came up with different reasons as there wasn't necessarily a correct answer! 


In Geography we drew globes with the continents, equator and hot and cold climates. We all now know the Continents Song and have started to learn the Oceans song!