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Week 1 - 4th November

Arts Week

We had a wonderful time this week taking part in workshops as part of Arts Week. Everyone got the opportunity to be involved in  workshops in Dance, Music, Art and Drama . Ir was fun and very enriching . 



We have started work on ' Mental Fluency - Subtraction' .

Step One is about understanding that subtraction is not commutative.

(See Picture 1)

We also started out focus on the 4 times tables and would appreciate it if you would help practise these at home .



This week we read an extract from Charlotte's Web and used words and phrase to describe Charlotte .

(See picture 2)

 We also wrote a description of Charlotte from Wilbur's point of view.

(See picture 3)



We have been learning about pentatonic scales and we will be creating our own compositions using them.


Remembrance Day

We had a very meaningful assembly about Remembrance Sunday .

As part of this, Clarissa and Oscar read lines from a special poem about remembering those who had died in the wars.


Next Week:


We will be continuing our work on Subtraction :

Step 2: Place Value subtraction

Step 3: Subtracting hundreds , tens and ones.



We will be starting a focus on writing limericks.



This week we are starting our new Science block and the topic is LIght, so we will be discovering about light sources and shadows.