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Week 1 - 4th November 2019

Welcome back to the second half of the Autumn Term. What a week it has been for the learners of Plymouth class! With arts workshops, parents' evening and remembrance assembly, the week has been full of new learning. 


Picture 1

In Maths, we are learning to count in multiples and recapping repeated addition. 


Picture 2 and 3

We continue our quest to perfect sentence demarcation. Here are some lovely examples of great sentence demarcation! You can see the use of beautiful language and ideas.


Picture 4, 5 and 6

We have started our topic of music this week. The children have learnt the range of notes in music and have applied this into picking out pentatonic scales. We have also discussed what dynamics in music are and how we use them.


Picture 7 and 8

The children of Plymouth have partnered up with Hertfordshire class and have started Buddy Reading. This is a chance for our children to help and listen to the younger ones read and also to inspire them by reading to them. 


Next week

We start our topic of Let There Be Light. We will be looking at famous inventors and inventions and writing a limerick about them. In Maths, we will continue to focus on times tables so please ensure that your child is learning their times tables at home. We will start science and will be focussing on light source and shadows.

Recapping counting in multiples
Working on our sentence demarcation
Working on noun phrases
Learning about the range of notes in music
Learning about Pentatonic scales
How we could play a pentatonic scale on a piano
Buddy reading
Buddy reading