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  • Cooke 93.7%
  • Ahlberg 87.7%
  • Kipling 91.7%
  • Jeffers 91.9%
  • Milligan 86.4%
  • Rowling 91.1%
  • Morpurgo 95.5%
  • Shakespeare 96.4%

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Week 1 - 24th February 2020

This week was 'Wellbeing Week'. We have been thinking about what makes us feels good. The children have learnt that we need food, exercise and sleep to stay healthy and being healthy means we are well enough to do the things we enjoy, such as going to the park and visiting family and friends. The children commented that their friends and family had a big impact on their wellbeing and they love to play and share things with their friends. We also noticed that food that often makes us feel good is also often unhealthy food which should be eaten as a treat! Some of the children enjoyed treating the class this week-on Monday, Arien brought his birthday cake in to share with everybody, on Tuesday we had pancakes and on Wednesday Alea brought some chocolates in because she wanted to share them with her friends. I think next week we might need to think about the benefits of fruit and vegetables!!
On Thursday we had snow! Some of the children braved the outdoor classroom and enjoyed a snowball fight and tried to build a snowman. Their snowball throwing skills greatly exceeded their teacher's dodging skills-great fun was had by all!

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