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  • Cooke 87.2
  • Ahlberg 84.7
  • Kipling 90.6
  • Jeffers 86.9
  • Milligan 93.3
  • Rowling 95.8
  • Morpurgo 92.0
  • Shakespeare 93.8

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Physical Development

Find time each day to get some exercise. You could try…

  • Joe Wicks Workout
  • Practise throwing and catching a large ball-send me a video to show me your skills!
  • Practise kicking a large ball- send me a video to show me your skills!




Phonics Play

Phase 2 and 3 tricky words (tricky word trucks)

Phase 2 and 3 sounds (flashcards time challenge or flashcards speed trial)


Phonics Bug sh

Watch the video/read and spell words.


Read, Write, Inc. Set 2 Speed Sounds videos

Maths-Ordering numbers to 20

Watch the video and practise ordering numbers to 20. How fast can you do it?


Read your reading book and write a comment in your reading record book.



Each day, choose one activity from the following:


Play a game with someone in your family, practising taking turns.

Physical Development-staying healthy

Talk about how your body feels before and after exercise. Draw a picture of your body and label the changes (eg heart rate)

Understanding the World-People and Communities

Draw a picture of something you did with your family over the Easter holidays. Talk to someone about your picture and ask someone to help you label it or write a sentence.

Understanding the World -The World

Think about the film you watched. Where was it set? Is it the same as where you live, or different? Draw a picture to compare the 2 places.

Understanding the World –Technology

Send me a photo of you using a program on the computer.

Expressive Arts & Design

Create a picture of a scene from the film you watched. You could use paint, pencils, chalk, collage, or something different-be creative!