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  • Bath 98.6%
  • Exeter 97.9%
  • Hertfordshire 96.2%
  • Kent 96.3%
  • Middlesex 98.8%
  • Plymouth 100%
  • Swansea 94.4%
  • Ulster 95.6%
  • York 96.9%

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Literacy Activity

Remember that creature you found yesterday? Today you are going to catch it and take it home!

What will you use to catch it?

a fishing net          a rope                   by digging a trap             your hands

What are you going to put it in to take it home?

a jam jar               a bucket                your lunch box                 a bag


Write a sentence to tell me how you catch your creature and what you take it home in.

Maths Activity

What day is it today? Do you know the names of days of the week? What order do they come in?

Watch the video below to help you learn the order of the week.

Days Of The Week Song

Use the document below to help you to learn the days of the week.