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  • Bath 97.8%
  • Exeter 89.6%
  • Hertfordshire 99.3%
  • Kent 95.1%
  • Middlesex 98.8%
  • Plymouth 96.1%
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Literacy Activity

Do you remember having fun with your creature yesterday? What happened after a while to the Bog Baby? He got sick and didn’t jump up and down anymore. He went pale and his wings drooped. He wouldn’t eat.

What happens to your creature?

pale             tired           droopy                   not eating              grumpy


Write a sentence to say what happens to your creature.

Maths Activity

Today we are going to learn about the months of the year.

Look at the PowerPoint below to find out about the months of the year.

Complete the activity using the document below.

What month is your birthday in? What month do other people in your family have birthdays in? What months do other important family events happen in?