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Literacy Activity

The Rainbow Fish

Read the final page in the story. What were Rainbow Fish’s prized possessions? (shiny scales) What is a prized possession? -Something we have that we really, really like, more than other things we have and/or something that we want to keep very safe.

Discuss what the children’s prized possessions are. Adults can model with things like ‘my family’, ‘my car’, ‘my book that I was given when I was little’. Remind them that it needs to be very special things and that they are not going to have to give them away or share them if they don’t want to.


Draw a picture of your prized possession in the bank vault door and write

about it in the document below. Think about what it is, what it looks like and why it is special to you.

Maths Activity

Download the document below to practise doubling.

Do you know any doubles off by heart yet?

What is double 1?

What is double 5?

What is double 3?

What is double 2?

What is double 4?

Do you know any others?