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  • Bath 100%
  • Exeter 94.6%
  • Hertfordshire 99.6%
  • Kent 97.7%
  • Middlesex 97.6%
  • Plymouth 98.1%
  • Swansea 89.4%
  • Ulster 98.9%
  • York 96.4%

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Swansea Story Tellers and Performers

Hayden's Story: Creature from the Deep

An epic story with an ecological message at the end...

Lennon Poem for The NHS Keyworkers

NHS Keyworker Poem by Lennon

The House on Maple Street by Hayden

A story written and performed by Hayden. An atmospheric and creepy story- will it end well?

Charlie's Art work of Wonder

Olivia's Wonder Poem

Gracie's Wonder Poem


Kitty's Wonder Poem

Kori's Wonder Poem

Lucy's Wonder Poem

Max's Wonder Poem

Caed Poem

Jack's Wonder Poem

Jason's Wonder Poem

Luke's Wonder Poem

Mackenzie's Wonder Poem

Stanley's Wonder Poem