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Spring 2

Week starting the 22nd of March

It is very hard to believe that we have cone to the end of the Spring term and that the Easter holidays start next week!


Rev Daniel did a wonderful Easter assembly that helped us understand  about Easter.

Unsurprisingly, we focused on the Christian festival this week in RE and we learned about why Easter is important to Christians. We learned about the seqyence of events that led uo to the Resurrection on Eater Sunday.


Week starting the 15th of March 2021

It is so lovely to be back in school after the last few months. I am very proud of all the children for the resilience , perseverence and hard work that they have shown during that time.

It was wonderful to see how happy everyone was on the 8th of March ,when we were all re-united in the Middlesex classroom. The  great joy and chattiness were a joy to behold!

Don't we all look great! 

This photo was taken on Thursday 18th of March 2021.


During Lockdown we read The Finger Eater and enjoyed completing tasks based on this quirky, funny story. 

On Monday , we went through the story again and had a wonderful time acting out scenes from it. We definitively have budding actors and actresses in our class! 

Also, we created pictorial story-plans, which be invaluable when nest week when we continue to re-write the story fromthe Finger Eater's perspective.

During the week, have been doing a lot of work on figurative language in the Lockdown time and this week we wrote Similes and meataphors about Ulf and Gudrun. We also discussed personification again and plan to use it in our story rewrite next week.

On Friday, we had a fabulous session with someone pretending to be the Finger Eater and she did an awesome job of answering the class' questions in her Ulf persona. Then, everyone wrote the introductory paragraph to their story, intriduving themselves as Ulf, the finger-eating troll.

Next week , we will be writing the rest of the story, with the ais of the story -plans that we created on Monday,and will be able to show you some examples.


This week we have been continuing to consolidate work from this school year so far .

We were adding and subtracting tens srossing a hundred, rounging numbers to the nearest ten and hundreds, and also reviewing what we learned about reading scales during our Lockdown home-learning sessions.


Every day we are having a renewed focus on Handwriting to make sure that all of us are developing our skills and able to improve the presentation of our written work.


This week our focus has been on the Five Pillars of Wisdom in Islam.

Next week, we will be learning more about the Easter Story in Christianity.


On Tuesday afternoon , we had a great session with the Watford Football Club coach, who helped us to work on our reading skills and our football skills .

He came back on Friday  afternoon and continued these skills sessions.


On Wednesday morning, we had another great dance lesson. As you know , we are doing a song from Mama Mia and we are really developing our dance skills !