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Specialist music & Sports teaching

Specialist Music and Sports Teaching


If you would like your child to have 1:1 or small group teaching of a particular instrument during the school day please ask at the school office for availability. We currently offer private piano, flute, cornet, trumpet, electric, classic and folk guitar and drumming for a fee.

For children in year 4 the school provides a year of group tuition in a tuned instrument. This year the children receive 30 minutes a week learning the cornet. Each child borrows one of the school’s instruments for their lesson but they are provided with their own mouth piece. By the end of the year we are always very proud of the standards they reach as they show-off their skills in the end of year music concert.

We take great pride in our sporting achievements in local and school competitions. Children from year 3 upwards receive specialist coaching in all the traditional team sports. During our sports day in the summer term children compete in a cross-school basketball tournament.