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Hello everyone. I am so proud of the Science learning you have done so far! Well done!

This week, we are going to be learning more about ‘Health and Movement’ and focussing on animal and human skeletons.

LI: To explore human and animal skeletons.

Firstly, read through the slideshow above. You may like to make some notes to help you.


What did you learn?

Were you able to name some of the bones that make up the human skeleton? 



Download the diagram of the human skeleton below. Can you label the parts? What can you remember? What did you learn?


You can choose from challenge 1 or challenge 2. 

Extra challenge


Choose one of the animal skeletons I have provided (see below). Have a go at trying to spot some similarities and differences. What looks the same? What looks different? You can fill in your ideas on the similarities and differences table below. Make sure you write down on your sheet which animal skeleton you have chosen!