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  • Bath 98.7%
  • Exeter 93.2%
  • Hertfordshire 98.3%
  • Kent 95.9%
  • Middlesex 98.6%
  • Plymouth 99.7%
  • Swansea 98%
  • Ulster 100%
  • York 97.4%

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LI: To observe how the seasons and the weather affect our daily life


  • Take a picture of yourself in some Winter clothes.
  • Write a few sentences about what you are wearing and why? For example, I am in a jumper because it is thick and it’ll keep me warm when I go outside.
  • What can you do when it is Winter? What can’t you do?
  • What is the temperature like?
  • Extra – Draw your favourite toy dressed up for Winter


As part of next week's Science lesson, please complete the quiz below to your favourite season. There is no right or wrong answer!