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This week we are going to find out about the frozen sea. You will need a bowl, some water, a freezer and some small plastic animals (sea creatures if possible, but any will do). Download the document below and have a go. Talk about the experiment with your child and predict what will happen.

Can you put the water and plastic sea creatures into the bowl?

Put them and the freezer-what do you think will happen?

Get them out. Where is the ice?

Is there any water for the sea creatures to live in?

What would happen to the sea creatures if ice didn’t float?


Draw a picture and label it. You could write a sentence to say what happens.

The Science Behind the Experiment – A Guide for Adults

When water freezes into ice it increases in area. This means it become less dense. Ice is less dense than water so it floats on the surface. This allows plants and animals to remain and survive in the liquid water below the ice.