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Last half term we had a big focus on plants, so this half term we will be looking at a wide range of different animals including ones linked to our new topic 'Marvel in Marine Life'.  

Lesson 1:

To identify and name a variety of common animals including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.

Success criteria:

I can identify and name common animals

I can gather information to answer a question.

With help, I can record and communicate my findings in a range of ways and begin to use scientific language. 


We are going to have a look at an animal which lives down in the New Forest which Marcus the forester has filmed and sent to us!  Have a look at this video - 

Animals in the New Forest

Scientific questions to talk about at home:

What kind of animal did you see?

Was it a fish, amphibian, reptile, bird or mammal?

How can you prove that?

Why don't we tend to see snakes when we are out in the local environment?


I will let you know what kind of snake this is next week!

Key words:

animal, reptile, fish, amphibian, bird, mammal, habitat

Extra challenge!

Find out how many different types of snakes there are in the United Kingdom.  Can you draw/write about some of them?  Can you label your diagram? What are their special features?  What kinds of habitats do they like to live in?


Some snakes can be kept as pets! Read all about how to care for a snake and try to answer the questions attached.  Good luck!


We can't wait to see what you find out about snakes in the British Isles!  Next week we will be focusing on a different kind of animal!

Have a look at the 30 Days Wild challenge and join in!  Not only will it get you out and about, but you will learn about your local environment and also have time to think about how it makes you feel as you go about the different activities. 

Tune into Wildlife Wednesdays!

Every Wednesday at 10am watch some fantastic, brand-new video content suitable for children, families and educators on Wildlife Watch YouTube Channel! From activities to do, to cool wildlife facts - there's plenty to keep young minds (and older too) busy. Take a look!