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Lesson 4

  • LI: To identify and describe the basic structure of a variety of common flowering plants, including trees


Success criteria

  • I can label the parts of a plant.

  • I can say the names of parts of trees.


Do you remember any of the plants that you have found? Did you notice anything growing out the bottom of the plants? Do you know what these are called? Today you will be learning about the different parts of a plant. Do you know any of these already? Have a look at the following slides to learn a bit more about them.



Can you create, using either the resources on the slides, or using things found around your house or in your garden a plant and label it? It may take you two days as you may need to leave the plant to dry if you have used paint or PVA glue.



Scientific questions to talk about at home

Why do we have plants?

How many different plants and flowers are there in the world?

What does a plant need to grow?


Key words

Flower, petal, leaves, stem, roots, seeds, bulb.


Extra challenge

Do you know what plants need to grow? Have a look at these videos and see if you can make a poster for me about what things plants need.



Why do they need these things to grow?