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  • Bath 100%
  • Exeter 94.6%
  • Hertfordshire 99.6%
  • Kent 97.7%
  • Middlesex 97.6%
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Lesson 2

L.I.: To name and identify plants in our local environment.

Success criteria

I can name and recognise a ‘bluebell’

I can find out information and facts about bluebells.

Let’s find out more!

Bluebells: The Great Woodland Spectacle

Identify these spring flowers – 

Scientific questions to talk about at home

Why are there so many bluebell woods in this country?

How can we care for and protect our bluebell woods?

Key words

Bluebell, woods, flower, stem, leaves, wild, bulb

Extra challenge

Send in a photo of some bluebells you have found in your locality.  Can you find a ‘white’ bluebell? Find out the difference between English and Spanish bluebells follow this link -