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Picture 1

This week I would like you all to plant a seed. We can then watch them grow over the half term. You can choose the seed you would like to plant. It could be a (magic) bean, a sunflower seed, some cress-anything you like. We can then compare how different seeds grow.


Follow the link below for some ideas:

Have a look at the pictures below to see the steps to planting a seed.

To plant a bean...

To plant a bean... 1
Picture 1 Grow a bean in a jar to see the roots and shoots.
Picture 2 First put a paper towel in the jar.
Picture 3 Put the beans in the jar next to the glass.
Picture 4 Water your beans so the paper towel is damp.

To plant sunflower seeds...

To plant sunflower seeds... 1
Picture 1 First put soil in the pots.
Picture 2 Then make a hole with your finger.
Picture 3 Put a seed in the hole and cover it with soil.
Picture 4 Finally, water your seeds.

You should find a way to record the growth of your seed. You could take photographs every day and make a photo diary. Label the photographs and write a sentence to say what is happening to your seed.

You could print off the diary in the link below and use this to record what happens.