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Our topic this term is Plants. Over the next few weeks, Miss Grossman will be planting some flowers and vegetables at home to see how they grow.


Lesson 1:

To identify and name a variety of common wild plants by going on a wild plant hunt.


Success criteria:

I can identify and name common wild plants.

I can gather and record data to help in answering questions by finding out which wild plant is the most common.

I can gather information to answer a question.

Below is the link to your 'wild flower hunt' recording sheet. If you are unable to print this, just create your own on some paper with the names and a space for the tally!

Wild Plant Hunt Tally Chart

Scientific questions to talk about at home:

What does a seed need to grow?


Key words:

wild, weed, common, tally

I look forward to hearing which wild plants were most commonly spotted on your walk. You can send your science learning to the class email!



Watch this video on Explorify then answer the following questions:


  1. What do the seeds need to germinate?
  2. How do the seeds change during the film?
  3. What do the children notice about the shoots as they grow?
  4. How do the roots change during the film?
  5. Describe what you saw using only one word.