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  • Cooke 61.5%
  • Ahlberg 73.1%
  • Kipling 77.8%
  • Jeffers 91.6%
  • Milligan 80%
  • Rowling 93.3%
  • Morpurgo 92.3%
  • Shakespeare 94.2%

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Our new unit of Science is 'Plants' which we will be learning about over the next few weeks.


Lesson 1:

To identify and name a variety of common wild plants by going on a wild plant hunt.


Success criteria:

I can identify and name common wild plants.

I can gather and record data to help in answering questions by finding out which wild plant is the most common.

I can gather information to answer a question.

Below is the link to your 'wild flower hunt' recording sheet. If you are unable to print this, just create your own on some paper with the names and a space for the tally!

Scientific questions to talk about at home:

What does a seed need to grow?


Key words:

wild, weed, common, tally

I look forward to hearing which wild plants were most commonly spotted on your walk. You can send your science learning to the class email! 


Extra Challenge: