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school closure 6.11.2020


This week we have been reading a story called Abigail, by Catherine Rayner. The story is all about a giraffe who loves to count. Watch the video below of the story being read by the author.

Reading Rocks with Little Tiger - Cat Rayner reading Abigail

Listen to author Cat Rayner read her beautiful new book Abigail, about a giraffe who loves to count!

We have been practising counting objects in the classroom. We have moved objects into a line, saying the number as we do so to count the objects. We have also practised counting objects that move around for example, fish moving on a screen, the number of children on the bikes outside and counting the objects floating in the water tray. Yesterday the children counted objects they couldn’t see as I dropped cubes into a tin behind my back.

Have a go at counting some of the objects around your home. You could

  • Set the places at the table-how many plates will you need? How many cups? Knives? Forks? Spoons?
  • Count your toys as you are playing with them.
  • Count your toys as you tidy up after playing.
  • Count the fruit in the fruit bowl. Does it matter if you count the apples or the pears first?
  • Count how many jumps you can do in one minute.
  • Hide behind a door while your mum/dad/brother/sister drops marbles or coins into a tin one at a time-can you tell them how many items in their tin without looking at them?


I have added some games using the sounds we have been learning this week on the active learn website.

Please also practise the letters in your child’s phonics pack. The children need to be able to say the sounds when they see the letter and write the letter when they hear the sound. They also need to be able to put 2 or 3 sounds together to read and spell simple words as listed in the phonics pack.