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  • Cooke 76.2%
  • Ahlberg 77.3%
  • Kipling 92.4%
  • Jeffers 93%
  • Milligan 93%
  • Rowling 96%
  • Morpurgo 98.7%
  • Shakespeare 88.1%

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Words that have the ‘u’ sound spelt with an ‘o’


  1. mother
  2. other
  3. brother
  4. nothing
  5. Monday
  6. love
  7. come
  8. honey
  9. money
  10. above
  11. done





Our new book for reading is ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. I have attached a video of me reading it, as well as the pictures you need to answer all the questions.





Vocabulary: Why was the boy ‘delighted’? What synonyms can you think of for this word?

Infer: Why do you think the penguin looked sad again?

Predict: Predict what they’ll find in the South Pole

Explain: Do you feel sorry for the penguin? How has Jeffers achieved this?

Retrieve: How did they know they’d reached the South Pole?




Vocabulary: What word shows the boy was in a rush?

Infer: What does the boy realise about the penguin?

Predict: Predict if they will be reunited.

Explain: How does Jeffers use ellipsis here?

Retrieve: Why couldn’t the boy find the penguin?





Vocabulary: Why does the boy ‘sadly’ set off?

Infer: What do you think the boy hopes he can see?

Retrieve: Why does the boy leave?

Retrieve: Why doesn’t he tell tales?




Summarise: Summarise the whole story in less than 50 words.