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  • Cooke 84
  • Ahlberg 97
  • Kipling 79.9
  • Jeffers 94.8
  • Milligan 85.5
  • Rowling 84.1
  • Morpurgo 82.7
  • Shakespeare 82.7

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This week our spelling rule is a tricky one. Often when we hear the sound 'o' and it comes after the letter 'w' then it is spelt with an 'a'. This is also the same when the 'o' sound comes after 'qu'  Have a look at the spelling words below to see. 


1. was

2. want

3. watch

4. watch

5. wallet

6. swab


8. squash

9. quantity



How many can you get correct on day 1? Can you improve your score by the end of the week?

Can you explain to an adult what the rule is?

Can you complete the quiz/game below?



To wander means to move about with no purpose. Can you find some other words that also can mean the same as wander?

Guided Reading


Below is a clip of me reading the first chapter of 'The Iron Man'. There are pictures of the book and also questions, with the page numbers next to them. You can verbally record your answers or write them.


Lesson 1:

  1. What do the words ‘boiling’ and ‘booming’ suggest about the sea? (p3)
  2. Why did the gulls think the Iron Man’s hand was a crab? (p4)
  3. Find one word in the text that tells us the Iron Man’s body parts are spread over a large area. (p3)
  4. What had the seagull picked up? (p4)


Lesson 2:

  1. Why has the author chosen the word ‘topple’ to describe how the Iron Man falls off the cliff? (p2)
  2. Why did the Iron Man’s eyes turn green as he entered the sea? (p8)
  3. Why has the author chosen to repeat the phrase ‘nobody knows’ in the 2nd paragraph? (p1)
  4. Where was the Iron Man standing on the first page? (p1)


Lesson 3:

  1. What did the gulls mistake the Iron Man’s eye for? (p4)
  2. ‘The two gulls flew into the air with a frightening cry.’ – What had frightened the gulls? (p5)
  3. Where had the Iron Man’s missing ear gone?
  4. What does the word ‘scuttling’ suggest about the hand’s movement? (p5)


Lesson 4:

Summarise the first chapter in one paragraph.

The Coming of The Iron Man