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Phonics Bug


username: your child's name and first letter of their last name-e.g. SamH

password: Shenley

school code: gpwk


Click on the ‘My Stuff’ tab and scroll through to the right to find the latest lessons allocated.

This week we will be learning the vowel sounds ur, ow, oi. Watch the video for one sound each day and complete the reading and spelling activities by clicking on each tab at the top of the page.

If your child has been allocated a reading book, please read daily with your child and record this in their reading record book as normal.


Phonics Play


username: jan21

password: home


Phonics Play have again made access to games and resources free during lockdown. The children love playing these games as part of our lessons in school.

Sounds: Phase 2 and 3 up to oo, ar, or

Tricky Words: all of Phase 2 and 3


Read Write Inc.


In class, we use the Read Write Inc. phonics flashcards with a picture cue to put each sound into context. Read Write Inc. phonics lessons are free to access on YouTube during lockdown. Watch videos for Set 1 Speed Sounds to learn a sound. Set 1 Word Time Reading supports blending to read words. Set 1 Spelling supports spelling and writing.



BBC Bitesize


More phonics games to play!


Phonics Pack

Please also practice the activities in your child's phonics pack daily. They need to recognise each letter by saying the sound. They also need to be able to write the letter when they hear a sound. Have a go at reading and writing some of the words suggested in the pack.

Download the following documents and print to add to your phonics pack.