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Oxford Story Time

Picture 1
One of the things that I am missing whilst we are not at school is reading a story to you all at the end of the day. I know that we all enjoy this quiet time sharing books together so I thought I would read a book and upload it here for you all to listen to. As a class, our favourite author is David Walliams and we have read 'The World's Worst Children 3' and 'Mr Stink' already this year. For this reason, I thought I would buy his new book, 'Slime', and read that to you while school is closed. I will read a chapter a day and upload it here. As soon as the book arrives (hopefully tomorrow), I will start but I thought I would upload the front cover and the blurb here for you to look at before it comes. 

David Walliams | Slime: Meet the characters!

Meet the characters from SLIME, the brand new hilarious book from David Walliams! WELCOME TO THE ISLE OF MULCH... Mulch is home to a large number of awful adul...

Chapter one

Picture 1 Here is a map of the ‘Isle of Mulch’

Chapters two and three

Picture 1 The disgusting jars Jemima has collected!
Picture 2 The disgusting jars Jemima has collected!

Chapter four

Picture 1 The labels that made Ned’s eyes bulge.
Picture 2 More jars of gunk discovered by Ned.
Picture 3 Jemima’s bedroom.

Chapter five

Picture 1 Jemima’s diagram of the “Bath of Doom”.
Picture 2

Chapter six

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Chapter seven

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Chapter eight

Chapter nine

Chapter ten

Chapter eleven

Picture 1

Chapter twelve

Picture 1 Envy’s Emporium toy shop
Picture 2 Edmond and Edmund Envy

Chapter thirteen

Picture 1 The sign in Envy’s Emporium
Picture 2 Ned counting out his coins

Chapter fourteen

Chapter fifteen

Chapter sixteen

Chapter seventeen

Chapter eighteen

Chapter nineteen

Chapter twenty

Chapter twenty one

Chapter twenty two

Picture 1
Picture 2

Chapter twenty three

Chapter twenty four

Chapter twenty five

Chapter twenty six

Chapter twenty seven

Chapter twenty eight

Chapter twenty nine

Chapter thirty

Chapter thirty one