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  • Bath 99.1%
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  • Hertfordshire 98.6%
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Newsround Responses

Type your responses to the questions here and they will come directly to me!

Tuesday Questions:


1. How can people stay safe during video calls?

2. Which are the apps that people are using for video calling?

3. Which animals are being protected at the moment in South Africa?

4. What is poaching?

5. What song is the Cockatoo singing? (Can you learn the dance to this song?!)


Wednesday Questions:


1. Give three examples of Key Workers

2. How many children did the boy say are in his class? How many are there usually? What is the difference between these two numbers? (Remember this is a take-away)

3.How much has Captain Tom Moore raised?

4. What is the film called?

5. What day is it today? How many years has this been celebrated?


Thursday Questions:


1. What Muslim (Islamic) Festival is it tonight?

2. Why is Ramadan special?

3. What do Muslims who are old enough and healthy enough do?

4. BBC Big Night In is a combination of which two shows?

5. What challenge is being completed?


Friday Questions:


1. How many million pounds did celebrities raise last night in the BBC's Big Night In?

2. Which famous children's author took part in the TV show?

3. How long did the filming of Mallory Towers take?

4.Who's birthday is it today? How old is he/she/it?

5. What was the strange news that Newsround shared today?