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  • Bath 82.8%
  • Exeter 92.9%
  • Hertfordshire 90.1%
  • Kent 99.1%
  • Middlesex 95.6%
  • Plymouth 97.1%
  • Swansea 94.5%
  • Ulster 97.2%
  • York 96.9%

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Monday Questions:


1. What week is the UK in of social distancing?

2. Including this year, how many Paralympic Games would Sarah Storey have competed in?

3. Where were the Paralympic Games taking place this year?

4. What do you think teachers are getting up to whilst we're not in the classroom?


Tuesday Questions:


1. Where is the NHS app being tested?

2. What are some people concerned about?

3. What are the names of the dogs?

4. What is a group of sheep called?


Watch the special Operation Ouch! epsiode at 5:25pm on CBBC


Wednesday Questions:


1. What are zoo's doing to raise funds?

2. Who are Tom and Riley?

3.  Write down the steps to grooming dogs. 


Thursday Questions:


1. How many years since VE day tomorrow?

2. What does this day mark?

3. What are the tips that the children who are deaf give?

4. What has Selena Gomez released?


Friday Questions: