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  • Cooke 93.7%
  • Ahlberg 87.7%
  • Kipling 91.7%
  • Jeffers 91.9%
  • Milligan 86.4%
  • Rowling 91.1%
  • Morpurgo 95.5%
  • Shakespeare 96.4%

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For music this term our topic is 'listening and memory'. Please can you listen to a song and write a few sentences about the song using some of these key musical words:


Dynamics - Volume 

Fortissimo (ff) – Very loud 

Forte (f) – Loud 

Mezzo Forte (mf) – Moderately loud 

Mezzo Piano (mp) – Moderately quiet 

Piano (p) – Quiet 

Pianissimo (pp) – Very quiet



What instruments are playing? 

In which order do they enter? 

What significance do they have? 

What combinations of instruments are playing? 

How do the instruments help in the creation of mood, situation, period or place?


Tempo – Speed

Presto – Very fast 

Allegro – Fast 

Vivace – Fast, lively 

Allegretto – Moderately quick, cheerful 

Moderato – Moderate 

Andante – At a moderate walking pace 

Adagio – Slow 

Lento – Broad, slow 

Largo – Very slow 

Grave – Very slow and serious