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Monday 30th of March

Good morning everyone. I hope that you are all well and that you have had a good weekend.

PE with Joe

Why not start the day with these exercises? The session starts at 9am  but you can access it any time after that on YouTube as well.

Easter Maths Challenge



This is a competition from Hertfordshire for Learning. Why not do this challenge and email the results to me ? I will make sure you get entered in to the

competition .


Last week, I suggested the lessons on Fractions from White Rose and this week they have continued with more work on this. If you missed any lessons from last week you can click on Week 1 and find those lessons. As I have previously said, if you want to go over the basics , you can go back over the work from Year 1 and Year 2. Also, if you want more challenging activities, look at Year 4 or Year 5.

There is a video for each lesson and some activities , including the answers so that you can check your answers. If you have any questions about this or anything else, please email me on our class email:

This afternoon:


Why not use your imagination and try some creative writing ?

I would love to see what you create , so please email me your story starters and I will give you MARVELLOUS MEs.

Other suggestions:

Have a look at the links in Online Resources and choose something that you would like to do.

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Good morning everyone.

I hope that you are well and that you are enjoying learning at home. 

Suggestions for today: 


Continue with the lessons on Fractions and complete the activities that go with the lesson. You can check your answers , too.


After that, you could do another Maths Challenge from Nrich.

Times Tables

We have recently been focusing on the four times tables and if you feel confident with these , try the eight times tables . 

Use the Timestables link in Online Resources and TTRockstars.




If you used the Creative Writing link yesterday, then why not try another type of story today?

Online Resources

Have a look at the variety of links under the star and choose activities from one (or more) that you would like to do.

Wednesday 1st of April 2020

Good morning everyone.

I hope that you are all healthy and well.


If we had been in school this morning , we would have been having a lot of fun in our Street Dance session with Hayley. so why not join in on You Tube with PE with Joe. It is live every morning at 9am but available afterwards as well. 

Or try some of the ideas from the PE Shed :


Suggestions for today :

Fractions. See the lessons on the White Rose link. If you'd like more challenging work when you have finished , try the Year 4 work or even the Year 5 work.

If you want to go back over the basics , have a look at the lessons for Year 1 or Year 2.

Why not try one of the many interesting Challenges from Nrich ?

Times Tables 

Yesterday, I suggested you start the eight times tables. There are some great songs on YouTube to help you to practise them.

My favourite is : 8 Times Tables Song (cover of Rolling in the Deep by Adele)

You can also log in to your TTRockStars account , to help you to practise.




Try the Pobble 365 link. It gives you an interesting picture and asks you to do a variety of writing tasks about it. The one for today is 'Animal Town' and it is hilarious.

Have fun!


This link has lots of interesting questions to explore. My favourites today are :

How much does air weigh?

What is a kinkanjou ?

Which one is your favourite ?

Don't forget that you can email me on our class email:


Thursday 2nd  of April

Good morning everyone. I hope that you are all well .

Suggestions for today:


As usual , I would suggest that you go on the White Rose link and look at the next video lesson about Fractions. Also, do the activities and check your answers.

See the link below.

Times Tables:

Yesterday, I suggested using the Adele song to practise the eight times tables. how did that go? Did you like it ? Why not try another song today?

You can use songs on You Tube to practise other times tables too. you just need to type in the number and 'times tables'.


Don't forget that that you can use your TTrockstars to practise as well.



Maths Challenges :

I know that a lot of you have always enjoyed Challenges in Maths , so 

have a go at another Challenge in Nrich, they are like workouts for your brain.


Talking about exercise for your brain, have you been exercising using the PE with Joe session ? What other exercise have you been doing?

I have been  using an online exercise class, also made by Joe Wicks.


Did you see the picture on Pobble 365 yesterday of the animals in the van? Tee one today has tigers and has interesting questions and activities for you to do.

Have fun!


On this link there are many great questions to explore. When we were learning about ' Animals and their Habitats' , I discovered that a lot of you were very interested in protecting the environment, so I thinks that you will enjoy the question : When did Environmentalism start?

Another intriguing question is : What is Kleptomania?

Or, choose a question that interests you.

Friday the 4th of April

Today is a very exciting day for two reasons ;

1. I have emailed your reports to your parents and carers, so ask them about your one.

2. Today is the last day of term and you have Easter holidays for two whole weeks !


I will not be posting suggestions for work each day but keep reading books that you enjoy, use TTRockstars and Mathletics, more activities are being added to both of these for you to enjoy. Also, don't forget Classroom Secrets.


Miss Fiddler sent an email to you on suggesting some projects with an Easter theme for you to do as a family or on your own.

  • Design a board game with an Easter theme.
  • Decorate a hard boiled egg (similar to the potato challenge).
  • Design a vehicle that will transport a boiled egg from one side of the room to the other.
  • If you do any of these projects, please email me pictures.

Have fun I 

Contination from Week 1 in Online Resources.

Thursday 26th of March 2020

Good afternoon everyone. I hope that you are all well. 

Since Tuesday, I have been sending messages and suggesting ideas for learning opportunities for you in the Online Resources section but from tomorrow  will post the messages here and continue to add more links to the Online Resources section.

Don't forget that you can email me any questions, comments and pictures of work to our class email account: I will give MARVELLOUS MEs to everyone who sends me pictures or tells me about what they have done. 

Have fun!

Friday 27th of March 2020

Good morning everyone . I hope that you are all well . It is a big adjustment for you all not being in school and home learning , so don't be surprised if you find it difficult at times . You are probably missing you friends a lot and the fun you have together in school and they will be missing you too. You could ask your parent or carer for permission to phone them or video phone them via WhatsApp or Messenger. I would love to hear how you are getting on ,so please email me on our class email : middlesex@shenley.herts,


Note to parents: If there is any way I can help or advise you about your child's homelearning , please email me , too. I am aware that most of you  are not teachers, so this is a new experience for you and it might be difficult at times but I am here to help in any way I can. Your child's mental health and wellbeing is of utmost importance and the adjustment is enormous for them. Some children will adjust easily and relish being at home all the time but others will find it difficult to adjust and miss their friends and the routine a lot. 


Suggestions of work for today:


Exercise : You might have already joined Joe Wicks for his PE with Joe on YouTube but if you haven't you can join him at any point during the day. 



Go to the link for White Rose in Online Resources and do the next lesson on Fractions. If you haven't started them yet, they are very good lessons and have practice activities as well. You can also check you answers on it as well. If you want to back over the basics, you can over the lessons for Year 1 or Year 2. If you would like more challenging work, try the lessons for Year 4 and then maybe for Year .


Challenges : Enrich ( in Online Resources) has a good selection of Maths Challenges for you to try , so why not try one or more this morning?


Times Tables : Last week, we were focusing on the four times tables , so it would be beneficial to practise them. Use the Times Tables link on Online Resources and also you ttRock Stars link.