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This week we are going to be practising adding numbers to 20.  Have a look at the examples below to show how to 'think 10' and use that to 'regroup' the second number. 
The 2 has then been added to the 8 to make 10 and then 3 more is added. 

Now work out these totals by using 'think 10'. 

  • Draw 2 tens frames like in the pictures above.  You could use counters, buttons, cubes or coins on the grids to make the numbers.  Remember to 'make 10' by moving the counters from the second grid to the first grid!

Try these examples:

  • 6+8
  • What is 3 more than 9?
  • Total 8 and 7


Why not have a go at this challenge?
Have a go at these additions to 20!  How did you choose to work out the totals?