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Maths – Year 1 Activities for the Week on Mathletics

  • Groups
  • Groups of two
  • Groups of five
  • Groups of ten
  • Share the treasure


Maths – Year 2 Activities for the Week on Mathletics

  • 10 more, 10 less
  • Counting on a 100 grid
  • Dividing by tens
  • Dividing by twos
  • Dividing by fives


I have split up this week’s maths into three lessons. These are:

  • Division by Sharing
  • Division by Sharing with Remainders
  • Division by Grouping and Division by Grouping with Remainders.


All the material you need for these lessons comes in the form of PowerPoints as well as videos from me with examples.


There are activities relating to each lesson. There is no need for it ALL to be completed. However, I would like to see one piece of work from each lesson.