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This week in maths we are going to be revisiting some key skills which the children have covered earlier on in the year.  This is to embed prior learning experiences and to give children the opportunity to apply their skills in different contexts. We look forward to seeing some amazing learning and lots of photos of the games!


We are going to be practising seeing amounts on the dice and making ten today!  Please open the pdf. below to see the instructions for the game and you will also need a dice and the 10s grid printed out to play.  Have fun! 


Today I would like you to have a go at these games first with your child and then have a try at answering some of the questions on the sheet attached below.  Good luck!


Today I would like to practise ordering non-consecutive numbers.  Please see the guidance and the questions attached below:-



Today we are moving on to comparing groups of objects and focussing on the maths vocabulary linked to comparing amounts. Please encourage your child to use the associated language e.g. more, less, equal to, fewer, the same etc. 


On our last day this week we will be practising comparing and ordering numbers within 20.  Have fun doing the quiz and all of the learning activities.