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This week in maths we will learning all about the properties of shape. We will start by revisiting 2D shapes properties and mathematical language used to describe 2D shapes. 

NC statements

  • Identify and describe the properties of 2-D shapes, including the number of sides and symmetry in a vertical line
  • identify horizontal and vertical lines and pairs of perpendicular and parallel lines
  • Recognise that angles are a property of shape or a description of a turn.

I have broken down each lesson on a different powerpoint so it should be easier to identify which activity is for is each lesson. Any problems please do email and ask smiley




LI: LI: I can identify 2D shapes by their properties.

LI: To recogise angles are properties of a shape.

LI: To identify horizontal and vertical lines.

LI: T identify perpendicular lines.

LI: To identify parallel lines

Lesson 5 activities: