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  • Cooke 93.7%
  • Ahlberg 87.7%
  • Kipling 91.7%
  • Jeffers 91.9%
  • Milligan 86.4%
  • Rowling 91.1%
  • Morpurgo 95.5%
  • Shakespeare 96.4%

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Children's book read aloud. 'THE STORM WHALE'


Watch the video of the story.


He told stories about life on the island. The whale was an excellent listener.


What stories might Noi have told the whale? Share ideas and create storymaps (pictures to tell a story) to help you to tell your island story orally to the whale. You could have a go at writing your story. Make a zigzag book to share with your family. If your story is too long for you to write, ask an adult to write the words and you could illustrate your book.


Discuss what happened in the whole story. Remind the children of the story of The Bog Baby. How is this story similar? What have we found out about keeping wild animals?


Draw a picture and write a sentence about how wild animals should be looked after.

Further Activities

Dear Greenpeace

Listen to the story. Is it similar to another story you know?




The Storm Whale in Winter

Watch The Storm Whale in Winter. Which story do you prefer? Why?




Endangered Animals

Find out about endangered animals. How would you look after them?

Write instructions for how to look after an endangered or distressed animal.


Some animals are kept in zoos. Is this right? What role do zoos play in helping endangered animals?


Create your own project. You could make a scrapbook and include pictures and facts. Use the websites below as a starting point.