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  • Cooke 87.2
  • Ahlberg 84.7
  • Kipling 90.6
  • Jeffers 86.9
  • Milligan 93.3
  • Rowling 95.8
  • Morpurgo 92.0
  • Shakespeare 93.8

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Reading : Please read with your child as often as possible because not only will this improve their abilty to read but it will also broaden their general knowledge and enable them to fully access the curriculum.



Spellings: Every week their spellings will be stuck into their Reading Journals on Wednesday . Please practise them very day. As a school, we do not give spelling tests anymore but will doing a dictation exercise to check their knowledge of the spellings. 


History : Please ask your child what they have enjoyed most in our sessions about the Ancient Egyptians and help them to create a poster or  a written sheet abot it.

They can create their own picture or print off pictures to enhance their creation.


Geography: Ask your child to find Egypt on a world map and help them to locate the River Nile. Encourage them to tell you about what they have learned so far about this river.


In JIGSAW (our PSHE curriculum) this week , we have been talking about things that worry us and make us afraid. We also talk about what we can do to help ourselves and how to help others in these situations.

Your child might want to talk to you about these. They could draw a picture about something that worries them or makes them afraid and then they could talk to you about it and/or bring it into school.

A lot of children said that they were worried about Covid 19 and catching it . 

We talked about what we are doing in school to protect them . Also, I told them that children usually have very mild symptoms or none at all.





We are going to be discussing Remembrance Day this week and afterwards, the children could make a poster about why we have this special day every year.
In R.E, the class have been learning about Islam and could create a poster or factsheet about what they have learned so far,
We have been looking at Book Reviews and how to write them. Every child has been given a blank review and can use it to write one about a book that they have enjoyed. They will have the opportunity to read it to the class and it will be displayed in the Book Corner for others to read.