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GOVERNORS - Roles & Responsibilities

Jamie Stockwell, Chair of Governors can be contacted via the school office on 01923 855864

TRACY MADIGAN Ex Officio Head Teacher  Head Teacher, Safeguarding & Child Protection, Link -  Healthy Eating Resources, L&A Sept 18 No formal Term  
JAMIE STOCKWELL Chair of Governors, Co-opted Governor Link Governor - Art, Design Technology Resources, L&A May 2019 4 Years  
GLYN DREDGE Co-opted Governor, Vice Chair of Governors, Chair of Resources

Link Governor - Geography, Premises

Resources May 2019 4 Years  
NIGEL WRIGHT Co-Opted Governor, Vice Chair of resources Link Governor - PE, Premises Resources March 2018 4 Years  
LORA GRANT Associate Member

Maths - Subject leader


Resources, L&A, Curriculum, Nov 2018 No Formal Term  
REBECCA ROCHA Associate Member English - Subject leader L&A, Resources, Assessment & Data, GDPR, Nov 2018 No Formal Term  
SAM WHITEMAN Associate Member     Dec 2015 No Formal Term  
SAMANTHA DAVIS Parent Governor, Chair of L&A Link Governor - English, Music/Drama, Pupil/Sports Premium, Curriculum, Raising Standards L&A,  Nov 2017 4 Years  
PAUL BEVAN Parent Governor, Vice Chair of L&A Link Governor - Science, Assessment & Data, Curriculum, Raising Standards, GDPR, Website/Social Media L&A, GDPR March 2018 4 Years  
PAULA DAVIS Co-opted Governor Link Governor - Inclusion & DSEN, Safeguarding & Child Protection, Health Eating L&A Dec 2016 4 Years  

Safeguarding & Child Protection, Assessment & Data

Science - subject leader

L&A Sept 2016 4 Years  
PAM CUNNINGHAM Parent Governor Link Governor - Extended Services (Clubs etc), Governor Development Coordinator   Nov 2018 4 Years  
ROSS BRICE Co-opted Governor Link Governor - Modern Foreign Languages, Early Years L&A Sept 2018 4 Years  
NICOLE GROSSMAN Staff Governor RE & Music - subject leader L&A July 2018 4 Years  
DANA O'DONNELL Associate Member Link Governor - Religious Ed, PHSE/SMSC, Policy Review Coordinator L&A Sept 2018 No Formal Term  


Picture 1 Tracy Madigan - Head Teacher

I joined Shenley Primary School as Head Teacher in September 2018.  Having previously worked at Shenley as a Deputy Head I was delighted to have the opportunity to become Head Teacher of such a warm and welcoming school. I am passionate about creating an environment where children grow in confidence and feel they are respected and cherished for being individuals and unique.  My aim is to make Shenley School an environment where every child can flourish and thrive.

Picture 1 Jamie Dean Stockwell - Chair of Governors

I joined the governing body in 2014. My wife and I moved to Shenley in 2007 and we have a son in year 6.  As Chair, I attend all committee/full governing body meetings. I also visit the school on a regular basis to meet with the Headteacher and receive updates on school progress. I strongly believe that every child deserves the best education possible and it is a privilege for me to be able to offer my support to the school community.

Picture 1 Glyn Dredge-Vice Chair-Chair Resources Committee
I am Chair of the Resources committee  and Vice-Chair of the Governing Body. I became a Governor in 2013. I have two boys, one in year 1 and the other in year 5. I have lived and worked in Shenley for 27 years at Shenley Park for the Shenley Park Trust. I became Governor with the aim to encourage the school to visit and to value the open space and all that it has to offer.
Picture 1 Sam Whiteman - Associate Member

I joined the governing body in January 2016. My wife and I moved to Shenley in 2014 and we have two daughters (aged 2 and 3).  I am an underwriter in mergers and acquisitions at Ironshore International, having previously worked as a corporate solicitor at Nabarro LLP in the city. My job has given me the appropriate skills to allow me to assist the school in whatever way I can. 

I provide an independent, non-parent perspective to the governing body.

Picture 1 Paula Davis - L&A Committee Co-opted Governor

I have lived in Shenley for 5 years since moving from North London. I have two children who attend Shenley Primary School. My professional life has been spent working in Education, for National Charities and in Local Authorities throughout London. I am a Qualified Social Worker and currently work in Hertfordshire. I am a Co-opted Governor and responsible for Safeguarding/Child Protection.


Picture 1 Charlotte Rawlings - Staff L&A Committee
I have worked as a teacher at Shenley since September 2015 and was elected as a co-opted governor in October 2016. I really enjoy working at the school and feel that my role as governor allows me to get more involved in the school and local community. I am a member of the 'Learning and Achievement' committee and I am committed to creating a positive learning environment which allows all children to thrive.
Picture 1 Samantha Davis - Learning and Achievements

I joined the governing group as a parent governor in December 2017 and I have two children who attend Shenley Primary School. I am currently chair of the Learning and Achievements committee. My professional life has been spent working for a children's charity in humanitarian response. I am excited about the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the education of all the children at our school.

Picture 1 Paul Bevan - Learnings & Achievements committee
I was elected as parent governor in 2018 and sit on the Learnings & Achievements committee. My daughter is at the school, and my son will be joining soon. I am a passionate believer in the power of education. As a governor, I am proud and excited to have the opportunity to make our school the very best it can be - for all.
Picture 1 Nigel Wright - Resources committee

My wife and I have lived in Shenley for the past five years. We have three children and seven grandchildren. I have served as a Governor previously when our children were young.

I am a retired company director and strongly believe in local schooling for all children. I hope that my experience will add to the Governing Body.

Picture 1 Rebecca Rocha - Assistant Head, L&A Committee

Driving forward the improvement at Shenley is a matter close to my heart. Teaching and learning is my passion and I whole-heartedly believe that each and every single child and family that comes through our doors deserves nothing but the best. This is not only in terms of their academic achievement but also allowing every pupil to flourish in every respect so that they are fully confident and ready to move on to the next stage in their education and their future. My role as Assistant Headteacher, Associate Governor and being part of the ‘Learning and Achievement’ committee enables me to promote the highest standards that we all want to achieve and in every facet of school life. I joined the school in 2014 as a Phase Leader and English Lead and during my career I have worked in schools across London. I have two boys of my own, aged 2 and 6, and both them, my husband and I love the outdoors; moving to Hertfordshire four years ago has been a fantastic move for all of the family and a place we now call home.

Picture 1 Nicole Grossman - Class Teacher, L&A Committee

I have worked as a teacher at Shenley since September 2017 and was elected as a Staff Governor in July 2018. I take a pride in the learning and development that goes on within Shenley Primary and feel that my role as Staff Governor will give me a chance to be involved in some of the decisions in the future of the school. I am a member of the 'Learning and Achievement' committee and I am dedicated to providing a positive and safe environment for the pupils to be a part of.

Picture 1 Lora Grant, Assistant Head, Resources Committee
I have worked as a teacher at Shenley Primary School since September 2009 and have since become an Assistant Head teacher and an associate Governor. I am extremely passionate about my job as both a teacher and leader of the school. I am proud of Shenley as a school; and as an educator I always strive to deliver the best for the children. Being an associate Governor means I can become even more involved in the schools strategic direction which is something I have always been keen to be part of. I have two daughters who attend Shenley and as both a parent and member of staff I feel extremely lucky to be part of the wider Shenley community

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