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  • Bath 82.2%
  • Exeter 99%
  • Hertfordshire 100%
  • Kent 96.2%
  • Middlesex 98.3%
  • Oxford 91.4%
  • Plymouth 98.5%
  • Swansea 97.9%
  • York 97.7%

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Literacy Activity

Do you remember that your creature got sick yesterday? Today you have to take your creature back to where it belongs.

Who finds you with your sick creature?

Mum            Dad             older brother or sister             teacher

What do they tell you you have to do?


Write a sentence to tell me about taking your creature back where it belongs.

Maths Activity

What do we use to tell the time? Can you find different clocks in your house? Ask a grown up to tell you what time is shown on them.

Use the document below to make your own clock. Use your clock to make o’clock times.

Friday Challenge: