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  • Bath 82.2%
  • Exeter 99%
  • Hertfordshire 100%
  • Kent 96.2%
  • Middlesex 98.3%
  • Oxford 91.4%
  • Plymouth 98.5%
  • Swansea 97.9%
  • York 97.7%

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We use VIPERS to help us with our reading. See the attached posters below. When asking questions to your children, you may ask them which VIPER they think the question belongs to.


Our first book will be Hansel and Gretel by Bethan Woollvin - (mute the video!)


You will find attached the questions to ask for the week along with a workbook, if you have a printer, for the children to fill in.

Writing Task:

See attached image for a writing stimulus and questions to answer.

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