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  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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  • Bath 88.9%
  • Exeter 86.2%
  • Hertfordshire 90.7%
  • Kent 93.1%
  • Middlesex 92.6%
  • Plymouth 95.3%
  • Swansea 92.1%
  • Ulster 90.9%
  • York 95.9%

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Celebration of learning

The Daisy International Airport!

HJ's good work on prefixes.

Enjoying working on the computer

DK has certainly been very busy!

Very good work on Prefixes!

Excellent work on Time!

Great practice of the 100 high Frequency Words !

Model hand by BE

Practising spellings

Using BBC Bitesize to do work about Nouns.

Creating a booklet about the parts of a plant !

Collaborating during the Wild Flower Hunt

Fascinated by the beautiful bluebells and deciding to sketch them.

Sketch of the bluebells and writing about the parts of a plant.

Easter Project : Decorating an egg.

A vehicle designed to transport the egg across a room.

Still image for this video