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  • Cooke 87.2
  • Ahlberg 84.7
  • Kipling 90.6
  • Jeffers 86.9
  • Milligan 93.3
  • Rowling 95.8
  • Morpurgo 92.0
  • Shakespeare 93.8

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Celebration of Learning

Jasper has found thinking about how different types of weather are made really interesting and has been learning more about what a plant needs to grow. He has also built the Taj Mahal. Jasper really enjoyed the shape challenges this week and has been learning to identify what shapes roll and why. 

Harry has had a very busy week making volcanos and watching them erupt, making shapes out of clouds, baking cakes and going on a shape hunt.

Harry's volcano

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Alex has been busy this week completing his literacy and maths tasks. He has also built the Taj Mahal and completed his bean diary.
Charlie has been busy being creative this week. He has built the Taj Mahal, a camera and a marble run!
Archie has been really busy with his literacy and maths learning this week. He has also learnt about what plants need to grow and made a Jack and the Beanstalk castle. Archie has also sent a video of him riding his bike. 

Archie on his bike

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Arien has written a weather report and sorted some shapes. Can you guess how he has sorted them?
Olivia-Mae has been on a shape hunt.
Daniel has watched the video of 'A Cloudy Lesson' and answered the questions about it. He has been working hard on his phonics and used his skills to spell words he wants to write in his sentences independently. He has been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and has created patterns out of Lego. He has also thought about what plants need to grow and built the Taj Mahal. Daniel has also sent an update on the caterpillars. What do you think is happening?
Rory found a cuboid, cylinder and cube in his kitchen cupboards! He has also tested different shapes to see if they roll down a ramp. Rory has made some patterns. Can you guess what comes next?
Myla has been learning all about 2D shapes.
Ruby has been on a shape hunt. What shapes did she find? She has been learning the 'ear' sound.
Jack has been on a shape hunt. What shapes did he find? Jack has been practising using a number line to count on and back for addition and subtraction. He has also been learning about the 'ear' sound.