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Celebration of learning

A wonderful video about growing your own plants!

Still image for this video

Preparing to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day !

HJ did good work on multiplying tens by one digit numbers.

Good work on using apostrophes to show possession.

DK has been enjoying her Forest School activities!

When DD had a fall and got stung by nettles, he not only wrote about what happened but also wrote about nettles and very useful instruction about what to do!

We have been learning a lot about the 75th Anniversary of VE Day!

Good work on partitioning numbers so that they can be multiplied more easily.

Very good work on the timeline about Brazil !

DK did good work on using apostrophes for possession,

Good learning about VE Day and wonderful bunting ready to hang out for the celebration tomorrow!

DK created a lovely poster about being kind.

How beautiful ! DK customised her table.