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  • Bath 82.2%
  • Exeter 99%
  • Hertfordshire 100%
  • Kent 96.2%
  • Middlesex 98.3%
  • Oxford 91.4%
  • Plymouth 98.5%
  • Swansea 97.9%
  • York 97.7%

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Celebration of learning

Lewis hunting for spring flowers
Lewis using tens grids for his additions
Dexter's amazing collage
Kieran's additions with numicon
Archie's maths learning
Danny caring for his sunflower seedlings
Danny working hard on his maths
Dexter in the bluebells
Luna's amazing luxury bug hotel!
Jack's super writing
Leah's fantastic maths
Evalyn busy in the kitchen baking scones
Evalyn's learning all about Italy
Lille writing some excellent sentences