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LI: To become proficient in drawing techniques.

This week in art, we are going to focus on linking it with our english learning 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright. The artist whose work we will be looking at is called Martin O'Neill. You are going to be combing digital art and drawing to create a piece of artwork inspired from Martin O'Neill. 


Martin O'Neill was born in London and is an illustrator and artist who creates collages. Martin's work evolves from using photography, paint, and digital techniques. You will be able to identify these when you look carefully at some his work. 

Please look at the website below to read about Martin's life:

Please look at the link below to observe some of Martin O'Neill's work. 
Let me know which artwork you like best, what materials/skills he has used to produce the artwork. Does he use paint? Photography? Or a mixture?

My favourtie pieces of his artwork:


Thinking about the poem 'The Magic Box', I would like you to record your ideas for what you'd put in your magic box! To start you could write a list or draw rough pictures. After, if you are able to, take a photo of yourself with a "thinking pose" to print and cut out, then stick on an A4 piece of paper/card or in a sketchbook/notebook. Then have a go at drawing all the weird and wonderful things that may be in YOUR magic box! I would like you to focus on showing awareness of space between each object you draw. 
You can use felt tips, pastels, oil pastels, paint, magazine cut outs to create your artwork. 

Below are some examples to provide you some ideas.