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Who's Who

Picture 1 Katy Longley Headteacher
Picture 2 Tracy Madigan Deputy Head Assesment Coordinator
Picture 3 Helen Scanzi -FSU Phase leader Reception Teacher
Picture 4 Kate Farrar Inclusion Coordinator
Picture 5 Rebecca Rocha Year 6 Teacher & English Lead
Picture 6 Lora Grant Year 5 Teacher and Maths Lead
Picture 1 Claire Gallagher Nursery Class Teacher
Picture 2 Charlotte Rawlings Year 2 Teacher
Picture 3 Elizabeth Walter - maternity leave
Picture 1 Miss Grossman Year 1 Teacher
Picture 2 Steph Davis Year 1/2 Teacher
Picture 3 Thomas Drummond Year 3 Teacher


Debra Glazer Year 3/4 Teacher


Laura Littleford Year 4 Teacher



Picture 1 Lisa Warren LSA Designated child/MSA
Picture 2 Claire Dales Teacher Assistant/MSA
Picture 3 Karen Hall Senior Teacher Assistant
Picture 4 Julie Welsh Teacher Assistant/MSA Supervisor
Picture 5 Gaye Farrow Teacher Assistant
Picture 6 Lynne Wells LSA Designated pupil/MSA
Picture 7 Nicola Burton LSA Designated pupil/MSA
Picture 8 Jo Henman Teacher Assistant/ Parent Family Advisor
Picture 9 Sue Gellman Teacher Assistant
Picture 10 Sue Norman Teacher Assistant
Picture 11 Michelle Winsor LSA
Picture 12 Nina Griffiths TA
Picture 13 Katherine Jacobs TA
Picture 14 Lauren Keetch TA
Picture 15 Nina Griffiths

Katherine Jacobs Teaching Assistant/MSA

Amanda Irvin Teaching Assistant

Picture 1 Anne Osbourne Teacher Assistant and MSA
Picture 2 Fran Littlechild MSA
Picture 3 Maria Oakley MSA
Picture 4 Bridget Selwyn MSA
Picture 5 Michelle Stevens MSA




Picture 1 Sharon Lang School Secretary
Picture 2 Caroline Chapple Receptionist
Picture 3 Barry Greaves Site Manager
Picture 1
Emma Smith - Heads PA