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Who's Who

Picture 1 Katy Longley Headteacher
Picture 2 Helen Scanzi - Reception Teacher
Picture 3 Kate Farrar Inclusion Coordinator
Picture 4 Rebecca Rocha Assistant Head & Year 6 Teacher
Picture 5 Lora Grant Assistant Head & Year 5 Teacher
Picture 1 Claire Gallagher Nursery Class Teacher
Picture 2 Elizabeth Walter - maternity leave
Picture 1 Miss Grossman Year 1 Teacher
Picture 2 Steph Davis Year 1/2 Teacher
Picture 3 Charlotte Rawlings Year 2 Teacher
Picture 4 Alex Kay Computing Lead
Picture 1 Yr 3 Teacher Rachael Cole
Picture 2 Yr 3/4 Teacher Julieanne Song
Picture 3 Yr 4 Teacher Anastazia Adamczewski (2 days pw)
Picture 1 Lisa Warren LSA Designated child/MSA
Picture 2 Claire Dales Teacher Assistant/MSA
Picture 3 Karen Hall Senior Teacher Assistant
Picture 4 Julie Welsh Teacher Assistant/MSA Supervisor
Picture 5 Lynne Wells LSA Designated pupil/MSA
Picture 6 Nicola Burton LSA Designated pupil/MSA
Picture 7 Jo Henman Teacher Assistant/ Parent Family Advisor
Picture 8 Sue Gellman Teacher Assistant
Picture 9 Sue Norman Teacher Assistant
Picture 10 Michelle Winsor LSA
Picture 11 Nina Griffiths TA
Picture 12 Katherine Jacobs TA
Picture 13 Lauren Keetch TA
Picture 14 Alison James Teaching Assistant / MSA

Amanda Irvin Teaching Assistant

Alison James

Picture 1 Anne Osbourne Teacher Assistant and MSA
Picture 2 Fran Littlechild MSA
Picture 3 Maria Oakley MSA
Picture 4 Bridget Selwyn MSA
Picture 5 Michelle Stevens MSA
Picture 6 Irena De Wijs MSA




Picture 1 Sharon Lang Senior Finance and Office Administrator
Picture 2 Caroline Chapple Finance and Office Administrator
Picture 3 Clare Cocomazzi - Business and Resources Manager