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Visions and Values

Vision Statement 2017 - 2019: The Shenley Way - Happy - United - Inspired
Our children will leave Shenley Primary School as confident, healthy young citizens who are respectful, independent and have a lifelong passion for learning. 

Shenley is an inclusive school where...
° Children are eager to succeed
° Characters are built and children collect lasting experiences
° Children are valued, feel safe, are nurtured and happy
° Everyone strives to be a productive citizen of the school and wider community
° Children are encouraged to be active and healthy

And Children are taught...
° To be resilient, independent, confident and willing to take educated risks with their learning
° To celebrate diversity and acceptance of others
° To aim for outstanding achievements
° To apply positive community values
° A rich, challenging and creative curriculum that celebrates fun
° In a positive climate where good friendships and supportive relationships grow
° By a highly dedicated and committed, professional team

Our School Values
We have golden values that are at the centre of the way we work together. The values were put together by children and staff, and they reflect the things that we share as being important. We have a 'value of the week' which forms the focus of our assemblies.

On Friday assemblies, we reward children who have achieved particularly well during that week with a 'golden star' that is then put up onto our Shenley Way-Wall of Celebration: